The Environment

The environment was very important to the Arawaks. They relied on the sea and the river as means of transportation (source). They also utilized the water around them to grow crops. The Arawaks not only used irrigation but also made artificial lakes in order to fish. The Arawaks always kept the bodies of water and the forest clean and well groomed, since as a society they relied so heavily on them. They also lived predominantly on the coast because it made travel and trade easier.

This is an example of an area where the Arawaks most likely lived. Note that they land is surrounded by water not only on the outside but also inside, as there is an inlet of water. One can assume that the Arawaks used such an area to water their agriculture and also as a way to get out into the sea to trade.

The Arawaks built canoes which they made from the trees, which they used to hunt in the water and also to travel for trade. The Arawaks diet was based on agriculture, so the environment was very important to them. They used it not only for growing crops but also based their hunting off of the animals in the environment. They developed specific hunting skills for the certain animals available to them. The Arawaks were located in modern day Dominican Republic, as well as other Caribbean countries. This entails a warm climate all year round. While the climate is hospitable that area of the ocean tends to have hurricanes. In order to protect themselves, the Arawaks constructed their houses in a way that could withstand such storms.(soucre)

This is a map of the Dominican Republic, part of Hispaniola. This is and area that was once highly populated by the Arawaks. Not how much of the land has access to water, if not on the cost than through Lake Enriquillo.