In the Caribbean

The Arawak were said to have existed on every continent, their history states that they were though to have first settled on the borderland between Bolivia, Peru and the forests between the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers. They migrated northeast to Venezuela and Guyana, where some settled while the rest pushed across the Caribbean. They were most notably known as the people who had inhabited the entire Caribbean archipelago(source)
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Although the Ararwak were said to have populated almost every region their numbers are scarce and their population is small, it has been noted that the island in which the Arawak resided were was all but wiped out by Old World diseases to which they had no immunity. A small number of mainland Arawak survive in South America and their existence it not greatly known (source).
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The population of the Arawak is varient in there time of prosperity, and before European envasion, there population has been estimated to have been somewhere in the millions, but today their numbers are not even one third of what they use to be. There decline in population has every bit to do with European invasion, the diseases that thye brough along with them as well as the severe treatment that the Europeans put the Arawak through. Arawaks of the current day are said to reside on mainland South America, it is estimated that about 300,000 live in Colombia, 150,000 in Venezuela, and Guyana.